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Where in Roanoke, Virginia does George’s Flowers offer same-day delivery on Valentine’s Day flowers?

George’s Flowers is proud to offer same-day delivery to the Greater Roanoke area, including all homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, work places, and more. This also includes the towns of Cave Spring, Cloverdale, Daleville, Hollins, Roanoke, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake, and Vinton. We are here for you.

Why is George’s Flowers the best florist in Roanoke, Virginia?

George’s Flowers is proud to be your truly local florist. We are known for our strikingly original and creative floral arrangements. From the long-lasting freshness of each bloom to the stellar service, customers of George's Flowers consistently offer compliments and share positive experiences. Connect with us today!

What is a good Valentine’s Day present?

Flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals are classic V-Day gifts. Of course, non-traditional gifts like blooming plants and gourmet goodies are always appreciated.

Can I get flowers delivered on Valentine’s Day?

George’s Flowers is proud to offer same-day delivery everyday that we are open and have the capacity to do so. We often reach capacity on busy holidays like Valentine’s Day and highly recommend ordering early. 

What are classic Valentine’s Day flowers?

The red rose is a classic for a reason. They symbolize passionate love. Of course, putting a spin on a classic, using roses of different colors or adding lilies, are always appreciated!


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