Customer Testimonials

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Gorgeous, along with being the quickest floral order I have ever placed, thanks to the website showing arrangements that are available.  This was congratulations in celebrating our daughter for her recent accomplishments. I was quickly able to select an arrangement that I knew she would enjoy, and she was absolutely thrilled!  She is with the ballet and sent this picture of her with the flowers from her dressing room between performances.
Customer service was great, thanks to Hailey seeing my order through to perfection.  We’re in another part of the country, and I look forward to George’s invitation to come by the shop for a tour next time we’re in Roanoke.  This is now my local “go-to” for floral deliveries there.
Warm thanks again to all the George’s Flowers team. Susan
These folks are awesome! I usually gift my Doc and his staff at Christmas, but decided to do Thanksgiving this year. George's once again knocked it out of the park. My Doc called to thank me and said the flowers were "beautiful" and that he couldn't wait to get into the box of chocolates. I already knew they were beautiful because George's sends a picture of your order to you before they deliver it. Another great experience from beginning to end! Moni
I know many people write reviews soon after their flowers arrive, or soon after the event is over.
I've chosen to wait until the flowers started to wilt. And that took 11 days! I'm amazed that I had 11 days of beauty.with this bouquet.
I faithfully followed the instructions on how to care for them, and now 11 DAYS LATER, most of the flowers still have a few more days of life. But a few are spent.
I've received George's lovely flowers before. This past summer when my fiancé, Dan, was in the hospital, my daughter used George's for an arrangement to be sent to Dan. Those flowers were incredible! George's arranged then so that the flowers would stagger their openings. When one kind of flower was spent and I removed them, the next goup of flowers (like the roses) would just be in full bloom. And when those were wilting, I removed them and the next group would open, in this case the white lily bulbs, and they exploded wide open. I brought some canna lilies from my garden, added them and left the arrangement at the nurses station.
George's gave instructions with the flowers to daily change the water and trim the stems when needed. I also rinsed the vase daily,
rinsed off the stems daily  and trimmed the stems as they got soggy.
But i think their extended life had little to do with me. George's uses freshly cut flowers. And from that first bouquet, I became a big fan of this wonderful floral designer.
So when Dan passed away and i needed various arrangements, of course I turned to  Georges again. I wanted an arrangement for one of the tables at the reception, to represent our love, and I chose their sunshine bouquet. Every morning, Dan would kiss me and say, "Good morning, Sunshine!"
And George's never disappoints. They used freshly cut flowers, healthy and lovely, well arranged and delivered early. And remarkably affordable.
Today I'll have to rearrange the flowers from 2 of George's bouquets, consolidating the healthy ones down to 1 bouquet. But I'm so impressed they lasted so long, with most of them still going strong.
One of the hardest parts after a funeral is when the people leave and the flowers die. People have lovingly been checking in on me. And thanks to George's, I still have beautiful flowers.
Thanks again for your care, for using only the best, freshest flowers but also for your meticulous attention to detail.
I'm truly grateful! Robin
At the recommendation of a friend from Roanoke, I ordered a flower arrangement for a recently deceased board member of the organization I work for. George's called me immediately after my online order was placed to discuss adjusting my order to abide by the guidelines of the church where the service was to be held. I really appreciated this attention to detail as I am not local and was unaware of these rules. It would have been terribly sad if the flowers weren't allowed at the service. I loved getting a photo of the finished product and the arrangement was beautiful. Thank you George's for your excellent costumer service and a beautiful product. I will certainly use them again in the future and would recommend them to others! Mayalin
I was ill with COVID, and my father had just died, so I was an emotional wreck when I called George’s from out-of-town to see if they could make a custom flower arrangement for Dad’s funeral. But the staff was compassionate, patient, and gave me helpful advice about design, as well as ways to reduce the cost. The arrangement they created was gorgeous! was exactly what I was hoping for, and I loved that they were able to text and email a picture of the arrangement they made, ahead of time. I brought the beautiful arrangement home after the funeral, and the flowers lasted a long time, so I know they were very fresh. Thank you so much, George’s! Kat