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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some low-maintenance plants?

🌿 Easycare plants typically available from George's Flowers include Aglaonema ( Chinese Evergreen varieties ), Anthurium, Dish Garden Planters, Cactus, Spathiphyllum  ( Peace lily ), Peperomia ( Baby Rubber Plant ) Asplenium nidus ( Bird's Nest fern ), Zamioculcas ( ZZ Plant ), Monstera deliciosa ( Split Leaf Philodendron )

Why is George's Flowers the best place for plants and botanical gifts?

🌿 The number one reason.  George has been growing plants since 12 years old in his first of many greenhouses.  George's grandfather George and father helped him build his first Quonset greenhouse in 1972. By age 15 George would add 2 larger greenhouses, be featured in The Roanoker Magazine, and local WDBJ TV, and teach plant classes for the City of Salem recreation department and many local groups. George operated a plant shop, an interior plant rental interior plantscaping business all before graduating from Salem High School.  Today George's Flowers operate an onsite greenhouse for keeping our plants happy and healthy.

Do indoor plants need sunlight or just light?

🌿 The amount of light required varies by plant.  Our Sales Team can assist in matching plants with available light sources over the phone or in our retail shop.  Our online store also notes light requirements of plants offered for delivery or pick up.

 Here is a guide to light for house plants.  
Bright Light is Direct Sunlight with Long sun exposure.
       South or Southwest facing windows up to 8-10 feet away.
       East or West facing windows up to 8-10 feet away.
Important Intense direct sun can burn many house plants.

Medium Light is Partial, Filtered, or Indirect Sunlight.
         Partial sunlight is direct sunlight during the day for 2-3 hours in the morning or 
         late afternoon from East or West windows.
         Filtered sunlight is direct sunlight all day but filtered through sheer fabric, and shade cloth.  However, sunlight is not blocked by curtains, blinds, or furniture.
         Indirect sunlight typically shaded areas next to a sunny area. 

Low Light is minimal natural light or artificial light.  Zero Sunlight.
        North facing window.
Important - if you can not comfortably read a book during the middle of the day without artificial light the area is too dark for house plants to survive.  

Where does George's Flowers deliver plants?

🌿 We are honored to offer same-day and next-day delivery to the Greater Roanoke area. This includes but is not limited to the towns of Roanoke, Cave Springs, Cloverdale, Daleville, Hollins, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake, and Vinton.

How do you keep plants healthy indoors?

🌿 George's Flowers provides care instructions to the recipients of our healthy happy house plants.  You can always call us or email us for additional instructions or clarifications.  We also recommend an internet search for your specific plant and suggest you look at several sources and compare the information. 

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