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How much do casket sprays cost?

George's Flowers offers Casket Sprays in many price ranges.  Our Simple Love Casket grouping offers a starting price of 120.00.  George's Flowers Simple Roses Casket Spray collection starts at 169.00 for 18 roses. One of our most requested floral tributes is from the Treasured Celebration collection.  Bright bold uplifting colors make this casket spray the choice for many of the families we have been serving in this important part of life for over 40 years.  

Can George's Flowers make a casket spray masculine?

Our Sales team and designers at George's Flowers know the importance of casket sprays, floral tributes, and family sympathy designs.  We want to honor our client's loved ones with the most appropriate colors and design styles.  Our sales team is expert in getting all the details to insure we exceed your expectations.  We do sports team colors, college and university colors, English, Wildflower, Woodsy, Natural,  Elegant, Masculine, Feminine, Gender neutral, and, monochromatic.

Do casket sprays get buried?

Typically Casket sprays are placed on top of the grave after service or at the mausoleum.  It is also perfectly ok to offer flowers to family or friends to take home after the service.  Especially if outside temps are not flower-friendly.  It is very important to recut flowers prior to placing them in a vase or bucket.

Who pays for the casket spray?

Loved ones, Families, or the deceased with preplanned services.  We recommend ordering from our Sympathy Floral Sales professionals who know flowers and protocol.  Many times families order while they are making service plans at the funeral home.   Funeral directors are good at selling caskets, crypt liners, services, and limos.  However, not always the best at selling, knowing flowers, or understanding the importance of flowers to the deceased or family.  Many times the family will not know who is providing flowers or the quality of their work.  Sometimes the florist may use bows, loops, and tails of ribbon as a filler or painted flowers to achieve the colors requested.

Can I get a unique or custom casket spray?

Yes for over 40 years George's Flowers has provided unique custom casket sprays.  Many times we include items brought in by the families that were near and dear to the deceased.  Hunting items, cherished tools used a lifetime, sewing baskets, beloved books, favorite kitchen items, sports gear,  car or motorcycle gear, and special cross-stitch.  Give us a call or come into our retail store to discuss with our Sympathy Team.

Why are casket sprays a part of funeral services?

Flowers set the atmosphere for funeral services.  Funeral services without flowers seem cold and impersonal.  Remember the flowers and the service are for the living.  Sympathy floral tributes are part of our grieving, saying goodbye and Good life lived.  George's Flowers puts that first and foremost in every detail of the work we do every day. 

Where does George's Flowers deliver casket sprays?

George's Flowers delivers casket sprays to all funeral homes, memorial centers, churches, and cemeteries in the Greater Roanoke area. This includes, but is not limited to Oakey's Funeral Home, Rader Funeral Home, Lotz Funeral home, Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home, Serenity Funeral Home, Simpson Funeral Home, Tharp Funeral Home, and Valley Funeral Services. This also includes the towns of Cave Spring, Cloverdale, Daleville, Hollings, Roanoke, Salem, Smith Mountain Lake, and Vinton.

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