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Winter’s Red Flowers to Warm Your Home

The cool months of fall and winter can be quite drab. However, here at George’s Flowers, the best florist in Roanoke, VA, we are experts in warm vibrant flowers that brighten and beautify homes this time of year. Red flowers are particularly popular, and it’s easy to see why! Between red blooming plants and wonderful fresh-cut red flowers, it is the ideal color to accent autumn and holiday decor. Check out our favorite festive red plants and florals and see which ones catch your eye.

Why We Love Red Flowers

Bold red lipstick, ruby red shoes, and romantic red flowers are all quite attractive, but perhaps the reason isn’t what you assume. The color red is quite literally the most attractive color that humans perceive. It is the first color we identify as babies, and it’s the most visible color to the human eye. There is no doubt that red blooms are captivating, alluring, and the perfect pop of color for seasonal home decor. 

Symbolism of the Color Red

There is a great amount of symbolism behind the popular color red. You might be familiar with one of its most recognizable symbols of romance, desire, love, and passion. Enter Valentine’s Day! Additionally, red is symbolic of danger, which is why many warning signs, flags, street lights, street signs, and more are the color red. Courage, confidence, strength, and power are also meanings of energizing and exciting red hues. 

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

When selecting the best red flowers to warm your home this season, consider the different effects that warm and cool undertones can have. For example, cool red hues might have blue or purple undertones that create a harmonious, peaceful, natural, or moody feel. Alternatively, warm reds that offer orange or yellow undertones will enhance your home with joy, bright energy, cheer, positivity, and warmth.

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


With a long vase life and big, bold, dramatic blooms, amaryllis is a star of the fall and winter seasons. Derived from the Greek word meaning sparkle or splendor and often nicknamed the “belladonna lily,” amaryllis flowers never disappoint. 


Symbolizing anticipation, fragility, love, and relaxation, anemones can be found in a few different colors, including bright red. Their dark centers create a striking contrast that enhances their beauty and simplicity.


In the Greek language, aster translates to “star,” which is quite fitting for this daisy-like flower. In fact, asters belong to the daisy family. Red asters have a rich history bursting with tales of ancient gods and goddesses, which have linked them to meanings such as daintiness, elegance, an afterthought, patience, and devotion.


A muse for many famous artists and writers, carnations are the second most popular flower next to roses. These blooms are quite distinct and fascinating as they bloom with double-layered petals that offer a playful and full crinkle effect. 


Chrysanthemums fill the autumn season with an abundance of colorful blooms in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and hues, including red. In fact, there have been roughly 40 known specifies of mums, including button mums, football mums, pompon mums, cushion mums, and more. 


As the oldest bloom on the planet and the most favored, roses have adopted the affectionate nickname “Queen of Flowers.” They have been a muse for many world-renowned poets, songwriters, authors, and artists alike and symbolize desire, romance, and love.

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


Without the large, bold, ruby-red leaves of poinsettias, the holidays and Christmas season would sure look different. This seasonal plant has made an incredible name for itself as one of the holiday’s icons. Often referred to as “Flores de Noche Buena” or “Flowers of the Holy Night” in Hispanic cultures, poinsettias represent community spirit, cheer, joy, and goodwill. 

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


Anthuriums are tropical, fun, and exotic blooms. So, why are we suggesting them for the fall and winter seasons? Anthuriums are celebrated for their long life, waxy red flower, and the texture and dimension it adds when nestled in a seasonal floral arrangement. 

Christmas Cactus

While the long succulent stems of a Christmas cactus are admired all year round, its captivating pink, white, or red flowers bloom in late fall and early winter, just in time for the holidays! Also known as schlumbergera, this easy-to-care-for houseplant is warm, welcoming, and grand. 


The blooms on a Christmas kalanchoe, or kalanchoe blossfeldiana, have the power to grace us with their charming beauty for months and even reblossom each year after. Flourishing during the autumn season as the winter holidays draw near, these symbolic succulents represent persistence and eternal love. 


Bromeliads have a long history, dating back between 30 and 65 million years. They have grown to be a very diverse flowering plant with a range of shapes, sizes, and hues, such as the essential red for the autumn and winter seasons. Bromeliads are sure to spice up your seasonal decor with their tropical, modern, and contemporary styles. 

Winterberry Holly

Winterberry holly is atypical when compared to the plants and flowers included in our list. In autumn, these shrubs shed their green leaves and reveal an alluring and enchanting collection of gold or red berries that cling to every stem. Bring winterberry holly into your living room by arranging these stems in a vase, or create a holiday wreath for your front door. 

The allure of red blooms is undeniable. From their energetic brilliance to their warmth and beautiful symbolism, they are the perfect flowers to enhance your festive seasonal decor. To find the best red beauties of fall and winter, check out the collection of red flowers at George’s Flowers in Roanoke. 

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