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Posted by George Clements on March 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Honoring Mom’s Individuality with a Custom Mother’s Day Bouquet

While it certainly doesn’t get cold here in Virginia the way it does up in the Northeast and Midwest, May is always a welcome respite from the chillier temps of winter and early spring. And while the Rail Yard Dawgs wrapped it all up last month, the Salem Red Socks are hitting a home run this season, keeping everyone entertained. But don’t be too distracted that you forget to get your Mother’s Day plans in order, as this important day is just over the horizon. Fortunately, the design pros here at George’s Flowers right here in Roanoke can create a custom floral arrangement to honor the mother who matters to you the most. Our team has years of experience in the industry and caters to even the most discerning clients.

The Workout Mom

The importance of a regular fitness regimen can’t be overstated, as regular exercise has a ton of health benefits. No one knows this better than the workout mom, who extols these virtues and leads by example. Maybe she’s a pilates aficionado or a spin maven — or perhaps she both and then some. Regardless, like any mother, the workout mom will no doubt be thrilled if you surprise her with a custom arrangement of bountiful blooms on Mother’s Day. For added symbolism, opt for white lilies, which signify health and happiness.

The PTA Mom

A major part of parenting is making sure that your kids get a quality education. This prepares them for adulthood and helps them figure out who they want to be when they grow up. Of course, that includes taking an active role in their school activities, which the PTA mom does with gusto and persistence; whatever is needed, she’s all in, regardless of how much of her time it will take. To that end, showing her your gratitude on Mother’s Day is a significant gesture that she’s more than worthy of — and what better way to do it then with a lush arrangement of flowers? Tulips are the best option on this occasion as they signify charity; drive the point home with peachy blooms, as that color embodies gratitude.

The New Mom

Becoming a mother is not a decision that anyone takes lightly, given that along with it comes the responsibility for a new life — a huge obligation that changes absolutely everything. Fortunately, with this shift comes an influx of love that is bigger than seemingly anything else in the world. This makes the new mom you know more than worthy of honoring on Mother’s Day with a carefully-curated arrangement of flowers, a classic way to commemorate meaningful occasions. As for selection, you can’t go wrong with carnations and baby’s breath, which clearly communicate the celebration of new life.

The Coffee Mom

Where are you most likely to spot the coffee mom in your life? Likely in her favorite java shop or breakfast nook, plugging away on her laptop and sipping on a cup of her favorite beverage. What to get this bohemian aesthete this Mother’s Day? Delight her senses with a stunning bouquet of flowers customized to her evolved tastes. Bring in extra drama by making spray roses the star of the arrangement, which caters to the coffee mom’s Gilmore Girls sensibilities.

The Plant Mom

Everyone knows at least one person who loves working out in the garden and has a bunch of houseplants in their indoor space. They just have an innate knack for making things grow and thrive, and a deep and sincere love for all things green. That’s the plant mom in a nutshell, who considers all of her blooms and blossoms her children. So this Mother’s Day, surprise her with a gift that you know she will love and appreciate: a flowering plant she can keep inside in a container or plant in her garden. You can’t go wrong with an azalea, which will add drama to any space thanks to the vivid color of its petals.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to put in your order for a gorgeous bouquet of fresh cut flowers; it will no doubt delight the one-of-a-kind mother in your life. So when you’re ready, get in touch with the seasoned plant pros here at George’s Flowers in beautiful Roanoke, Virginia.