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Posted by George Clements on July 20, 2023 Uncategorized

The Secret to Year-Round Romance: Receiving Flowers “Just Because”

There is something so special about receiving a romantic bouquet of fresh flowers, whether for your birthday, Valentine’s Day, or simply “just because.” The thought of your partner connecting with your local florist and choosing symbolic flowers that remind them of you is swoon-worthy. If they decide to include a sweet card message as well, when then you are sure to feel loved, cared for, and thought of. However, some partners don’t think of sending flowers to their significant other – not because they don’t care, but because it doesn’t cross their minds. If this sounds all too familiar, then let the floral experts here at George’s Flowers, the best local florist in Roanoke, help you drop a few hints to ensure you receive bright blooms all year round, “just because!”

When to Hint to Your Partner That You Want Flowers

  1. You’re about to turn another year older
  2. They missed your birthday celebrations
  3. You’re adding a new fur baby to the family
  4. What’s a Friday night date without flowers?
  5. You’re nervous about presenting your Master’s Thesis
  6. You received great praise during an important company-wide meeting
  7. The promotion you were hoping for at work was offered to another colleague
  8. You’re bringing back Womancrush Wednesday
  9. Valentine’s Day is six months away, but you’re ready to bask in that sweet romance now
  10. Their job is sending them out of town, and you’ll be home alone
  11. You’re coming home after a few days away from the family
  12. You’re celebrating the purchase of your first house
  13. You’ve just put the finishing touches on your spring cleaning and are ready to add flowers
  14. They’re seeking forgiveness after a big argument
  15. Your cooking skills have been transformed, and the family is loving it
  16. It’s time to watch The Bachelorette, and you’re ready to accept your own rose
  17. It’s the anniversary of your first kiss
  18. It’s been a difficult week
  19. You received an uplifting health report
  20. You were a featured guest on your favorite podcast

How to Drop Hints

  1. Comment on the beauty of flowers and arrangements whenever you see them
  2. Tell them about your favorite neighborhood flower shop
  3. Say something like, “If you’re ever wondering what my favorite flowers are, these are the most beautiful for any surprise or occasion.”
  4. Clearly express that having fresh flowers in your home would make you so much happier. They have a fifty-fifty probability of understanding what you mean.
  5. Make sure you have their full attention and tell them with a serious expression, “It would mean the world to me if you brought me some flowers every few weeks, especially since receiving gifts is my love language. To help you remember, I set up a few reminders in your calendar and included a list of my favorite blooms.”

When to Buy Yourself Flowers

  1. You want to set an example for your partner by buying a bouquet for yourself
  2. You’re enjoying and celebrating singlehood
  3. Being divorced feels like a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders
  4. Like Cher Horowitz, you want to seem more desirable to your crush
  5. Fresh flowers are the perfect companion to a glass of wine on a summer evening
  6. Your hair didn’t fight with you this morning
  7. You stepped out of your comfort zone and chose bright colors for your mani-pedi
  8. You reached a new savings goal
  9. It’s time to enjoy the weekend
  10. You’re planning a luxurious self-care Sunday
  11. “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus is your favorite song
  12. Your home is finally sparkling clean
  13. You’ve transformed your living room with new furniture
  14. The kids are enjoying the weekend at Grandma’s
  15. It’s been a slow and stressful day
  16. You’re having a fantastic day
  17. You’re inspired by the bold pops of color you saw at The Eras Tour
  18. This year, you were well prepared for daylight savings
  19. You want to celebrate every second of summer
  20. You noticed the most spectacular floral bouquet at the flower shop

Why limit grand gestures and romantic roses to Valentine’s Day? Whether hinting to your partner or buying fresh blooms for yourself, there is always a reason to celebrate – even if it’s simply “just because!” That’s why your favorite local florist, George’s Flowers, is always ready with dazzling floral arrangements.