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Say It with Stems: Symbolic Flowers for Every Family Celebration

Crack the code of flower symbolism with our vibrant guide to celebrating family with petals! Whether you’re thanking your “cool parents” on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, honoring your amazing gram and gramp on Grandparent’s Day, or claiming your spot as the favorite on National Siblings Day, every stem has a story. George’s Flowers, the top florist in Roanoke, is here to help you pick perfect blooms that not only look fab but whisper all your best sentiments to your relatives.

Send Love & Gratitude to Your Parents

When you’re looking to throw some major love your parents’ way, say it with roses and peonies! From pink to yellow, roses and peonies symbolize all types of loving sentiments. For sweet gratitude or blooms that say, “Thanks for everything,” mix in some ranunculus, lilies, and peachy flowers. For a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day surprise, or when you want to drop in with fresh stems, these blooms say, “You’re simply the best!”

Show Your Respect & Admiration for Grandparents

Pick something classy for your grandparents, like orchids and irises – an elegant statement of joy, charm, wisdom, gratitude, beauty, and refinement. Daffodils are also a bright and cheerful choice that will bring a little spring into their day. Finally, give your gram and gramp the royal treatment on Grandparents’ Day with purple asters. These flowers show all things love, respect, and the best for your incredible grandparents.

Celebrate the Cheerfulness & Wisdom of Aunts & Uncles

When you’re sending some floral love to your fave aunts and uncles, select the most flawless stems that represent their cool, fun, energetic, and sunny style. Of course, we’re talking about yellow flowers and iconic birds of paradise! And to symbolize all that sage advice they’ve given you over the years, lean towards indigo stems like thistle, anemone, iris, and delphinium. Trust us, it’s the perfect vibe!

Thank Siblings & Cousins for Their Friendship & Strength

Feeling grateful for your sibs and cousins who’ve been your partners in crime since the sandbox days? Say it with flowers that are as bold and enduring as those memories. Chrysanthemums and snapdragons are here to honor their resilience (and yours, thanks to those childhood shenanigans). Add a splash of yellow blooms and alstroemeria for a nod to your solid gold friendship and a dash of eucalyptus to keep things fresh and chill.

Spread Peace & Positivity to Your Chosen Fam

Cheers to your chosen fam—your anti-drama crew who feel more like soulmates than friends. Send a bouquet that expresses peace and love with sunflowers and hydrangeas; their big, bold blooms radiate sunny serenity and heartfelt emotions. Toss in some vibrant gerbera daisies for that cheerful pop of positivity, and you’ll have a beautiful arrangement representing everything you love about them.

No matter if you’re just down the street or miles down the coast, sending a bouquet from George’s Flowers is like delivering a sweet, fragrant hug. Find a bouquet that captures all the right emotions and sends a big burst of love to your whole fam.

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