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Posted by George Clements on November 8, 2021 Uncategorized

Finding Your Favorite Autumn Hues in Classic Autumn Blooms

The autumnal season is nothing without its breathtaking fall foliage, golden crops, and the rich, comforting hues of a hot morning coffee, tea, or pumpkin spice latte. The trending colors of the season undoubtedly pull inspiration from these fall icons and can be found just about everywhere you look, including fall bouquets and gardens bursting with uplifting flowers. Dive deeper into fall’s hottest colors and this season’s fashion and home decor trends as the professionals here at George’s Flowers, the best florist in Roanoke, highlight classic autumn blooms and their stunning shades and hues.

What Colors Are in Season?


The warm glow of the fall season would not be complete without the popular autumn flower, chrysanthemum, also known as “the queen of fall flowers.” These fluffy blooms come in many varieties, shapes, and colors that are eye-catching with their daisy-like appearances. From a porch pot full of mums to accents in fall floral bouquets or even a single stem in a bud vase, their autumnal tones of purple, orange, red, yellow, white, and lavender are here to welcome this new season of transition.


Sunflowers are a positive symbol of joy, happiness, inspiration, growth, and optimism that help carry us through the end of summer and into the fall season. As the colors change from vibrant and tropical to warm, natural, and comforting, sunflowers help create a beautiful transition. In addition to their sunny signature yellow hue, you can also find sunflowers in autumn colors, including red, purple, brown, pink, and white.


While daisies prove to be a springtime favorite, they also thrive in the autumn months and bring with them their crisp and fresh color. These symbols of transformation, new beginnings, and cheerfulness can be found in your most-loved fall tones like purple, orange, red, yellow, and classic white. Daisies are a sweet and uplifting bloom in seasonal bouquets, especially as fall creeps in with its cooler weather and earlier evenings.

Craspedia Billy Balls

Perhaps a not-so-common autumn flower, yet still loved by many, is the Craspedia billy ball. These warm and uplifting yellow balls will quickly catch your attention by enhancing fall floral arrangements with their quirkiness and peculiarly round shape. While they are a nice touch to many autumn bouquets, they are also an eye-catching decor piece when displayed in a bunch of their own.


A true treasure of fall, marigolds are not only a seasonal favorite but are the official birth flower of October. These golden yellow and warm orange beauties represent the power of the sun, strength, and the light inside of us all. Their pom-pom-shaped petals resemble carnations and are showstoppers no matter what kind of autumn arrangement they are included in.

Since there are many more fall flowers that we love to admire during this brisk, crisp, and truly wonderful season, we urge you to browse our online collection and stop by to visit us in-store here at George’s Flowers. With a wild amount of autumn blooms in a wide range of autumn hues, you are sure to find the perfect stems to bring home, place on your Thanksgiving table, or gift to a loved one.