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Valentine’s Day Flowers for the Friends You Love

Many of us might remember walking down that one colorful aisle in the store as Valentine’s Day drew near, searching for the perfect box of paper valentines to hand out to our elementary school classmates. Whether it was your favorite superhero, cartoon character, animal, or theme that made you feel “2 Cool,” buying and receiving valentines from our friends was something truly special. As young kids, we learned that Valentine’s Day was about celebrating all types of love, even love that we felt for our friends. Today, we can still honor our friendships on Valentine’s Day with sweet floral bouquets for our gal pals, guy friends, neighbors, and coworkers. To find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone, the experts at George’s Flowers, the best florist in Roanoke, are sharing a thoughtful gift guide.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

The platonic love you feel for your bestie is a rare and unbreakable bond that deserves to be honored, especially on Valentine’s. Trade in the dozen red roses for something more symbolic, like yellow blooms, which represent lightheartedness, joy, positivity, happiness, and above all, friendship. Whether sunflowers, alstroemeria, lilies, or orchids, you are sure to brighten their day.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

When selecting a gift for the women or girls in your life who seem to already have it all, you will never go wrong with fresh flowers. Of course, a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day will call for classic and passionate red roses for your lady. However, if the gals are getting together to celebrate Galentine’s Day, select a colorful bouquet that symbolizes femininity (pink), harmony (green), serenity and peace (blue), admiration (purple), and of course, friendship (yellow).

Gift Ideas for Men

Shopping for a flirty and unexpected gift for you guy can be challenging. Don’t let another Valentine’s Day surprise be cologne, golf balls, a hat, or a coffee mug. Instead, send him a hardy, dramatic, and colorful bouquet of flowers. Yep, men love receiving flowers just as much as women do! Especially the modern man. So, consider those carnations, sunflowers, iris, and gerbera daisies.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Help your favorite couples celebrate love this Valentine’s Day by sending them a surprise bouquet of flowers. Set the tone for a romantic dinner or sweet movie night with a collection of red and white roses and lilies to let them know you care. Whether it’s their first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds or their 50th anniversary, or perhaps they recently began dating, there is nothing sweeter than knowing people love and support your love.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

Whom do you call when you need an extra egg or one cup of sugar? If you have friendly and helpful neighbors, they might be first on your list! This Valentine’s Day, don’t waste the opportunity to say “thank you” and show your love and appreciation for your neighbors. A thoughtful bouquet of peach blooms will signify your genuine gratitude for their sweetness.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

If you’re the type of co-worker to bring doughnuts, order pizza, or buy bags of candy to share with the people you work with, then why not order a stellar bouquet of blooms for Valentine’s Day? Orange flowers and fresh plants are known to increase productivity by 15% and signify things like passion for work and life, excitement, enthusiasm, and success.

A fresh collection of flowers, whether luxurious or modest, is always a fantastic gift idea for any of the loves in your life. Personalize your blooms with a meaningful note or by selecting specific stems to express your message. Here at George’s Flowers in Roanoke, we can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you.