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Posted by George Clements on February 26, 2024 Uncategorized

Bloom in Your Own Way on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, coming in hot on March 8th, it’s all about celebrating your way. Whether that means honoring the influential women in your circle, contributing to your community, or just stepping back for a bit of self-reflection, make it your own. And at George’s Flowers, the best florist in Roanoke, we know there’s no better way to do that than with a bunch of fresh, beautiful flowers. They’re the perfect symbol of warmth, thoughtfulness, and inspiration, reflecting the spirit of IWD in every petal. Every bouquet we create is as diverse and dynamic as the wonderful people we’re honoring, and you might even spot the IWD colorway (green, purple, and white) in your favorite bouquets. So, after you buy some flowers, how are you going to make IWD uniquely yours this year?

Organize a Fundraiser

Ready to dive into the IWD action? Hosting a fundraiser is the way to go! Pick a cause that tugs at your heartstrings, whether breaking stereotypes, boosting education, or working towards healthcare equality. It’s your moment to create a meaningful impact and spread some major female empowerment vibes. Put women’s issues in the spotlight and get the community talking about the changes we still need to make. Don’t forget to deck out your venue with brilliant blooms to elevate the vibe.

Throw a Party

If celebrating is on your agenda for IWD, host a party that pays homage to women’s triumphs! It’s all about curating an atmosphere and guest list where people can relax, mingle, meet new friends, expand their network, dance, and even try that weird appetizer recipe you found on TikTok. Of course, it isn’t a proper party without flowers! Whether you display epic centerpieces, set up a place for guests to weave their own floral crowns, or design creative wearable pieces, fresh stems will bring your soiree to life.

Host a Meaningful Meal

Round up the crew and hit the town for a fun brunch, lunch, or dinner to honor IWD and toast to everyone’s extraordinary accomplishments. Show some love to a local restaurant owned and operated by fierce and inspiring women because it’s all about supporting female entrepreneurship. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes, sip on fabulous drinks, and dive into conversations filled with empowerment and endless positivity. Bring all your girls a sweet bouquet or adorn your table with a stunning arrangement for an Insta-worthy meal.

Set Personal Goals

IWD screams, “Go big or go home!” and serves as your official nudge to sketch the grand blueprint of your future. It’s all about turning those wild dreams into tangible plans. Whether you’re a solo strategist or prefer to join forces with your besties, this is the time to get pumped. Grab a cup of tea, light that inspirational candle, and let the aroma of fresh flowers fill the air, setting the perfect stage for a brainstorming extravaganza. Freely share your wildest ambitions, sparking a chain reaction of motivation and big dreaming among your circle. IWD is a day of boundless inspiration, reminding us that when we support each other, the sky’s the limit.

Send Flowers

Trade in those flower emojis for the real deal on IWD! Instead of sending a text to those who have inspired you, guided you, walked with you, and rooted for you, send them a fresh, colorful, and thoughtful bouquet of flowers to make their day. Open the flower dictionary to find just the right symbolic blooms to convey your love, appreciation, admiration, joy, hope, and other heartfelt emotions. Especially on IWD, spread positivity, empower one another, and build a world where support blossoms endlessly.

IWD isn’t just a day marked on the calendar; it’s a meaningful opportunity to create impactful change in the world. So, however you decide to honor, celebrate, or flourish, do so with the best and brightest blooms from George’s Flowers.

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