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The Meaning Behind Common Spring Flowers

Posted by George's Flowers on 13th Mar 2018

March means that spring, and all its flowers, is in full bloom! Springtime flower bouquets offer many beautiful options, many that are brighter and cheerier than other seasons. While the changing of the season may be a good enough reason to send a beautiful flower arrangement, there are many spring occasions perfect for gifting flowers including, but not limited to birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Grandparent’s Day, school graduations, and of course, Mother’s Day. For reasons to send flowers this spring, check out our previous blog. Here, we will review some popular spring flowers and their meanings, so that you can create a flower arrangement that sends the message you intend.


No spring flower list would be complete without mention of the classic springtime flower! One of the first flowers to bloom, often through winter’s persistent snow, reaching up toward the warmth of spring’s sunshine, tulips represent the perfection of love. Reds symbolize romantic, passionate love, while yellows represent warm friendship.


These beautiful springtime flowers, much like roses, express different sentiments according to the colors given. Yellow dahlias tell the receiver “I am happy that you love me,” and help reflect the joy they bring to the sender’s life. Multi-colored dahlias send the message: “I am thinking of you always,” which is sure to brighten the mood of the receiver.


Peonies are a simple flower that blooms brilliantly around May. These adorable flowers symbolize good fortune, wealth, happy marriages and romance, perfect for an anniversary bouquet accent.


Traditionally, lilies have been used to recognize major transitions in life and have been a symbol of marriage, so it is no surprise that lilies are a common choice for wedding bouquets. White calla lilies, specifically, represent innocence and purity, which make it popular at weddings. Easter lilies are the perfect gift for anyone who celebrates Easter or appreciates simple beauty.


Lilacs are known for their beauty and their beautiful scent. These flower clusters are as appealing to the nose as they are to the eyes and are able to blend with a spring bouquet or be the featured star. Purple lilacs represent new love while white lilacs represent youthful innocence and joy.


Carnations are a classic, simple flower with varying meanings depending on the color. Carnations are common holiday celebrations, easily dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day or matched to events such as proms or weddings. Pink carnations are believed to have been made from the Virgin Mary’s tears and represent a mother’s undying love for her children, and should come as no surprise that it is a common Mother’s Day flower. White carnations symbolize love and luck, or luck in love, perfect for budding romances and weddings bouquets. Light red symbolizes admiration and respect, perfect for Teacher’s Day gifts. Deep reds represent passion and deep love, perfect for anniversary bouquets.

Spring is the perfect season to send flowers that are sure to brighten anyone’s day! If you are searching for the perfect spring flower arrangement and need help deciding what to put in it to convey the message you intend, contact the professionals at George’s Flowers, Roanoke premier flower company.

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