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Remember Those Who Have Fallen This Memorial Day

8th May 2018

Red, white, and blue are the colors on our flag and what represents this country. As Americans, we bleed pride for these colors and show our dedication to this country by celebrating our freedom. On May 28, 2018, we’ll be celebrating our country and the heroic men and women who fought hard for us to live the way we do. No matter what issues arise in this country, each person should be proud live in the land of freedom. With Memorial Day fast approaching, you may be thinking about spending time at a parade or grilling outside with some hamburgers and hot dogs. However, living in Roanoke, we have easy access to driving up to Arlington National Cemetery where we can show our appreciation and pride to each soldier who is buried there by placing flowers on the graves of the fallen. At George’s Flowers, we strive to show our love of this country by having an array of floral arrangements to bring to those graves, allowing you to honor your own family members who have served, or to remember those who have fallen as you enjoy your Memorial Day.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day started as a day to honor those who died during the Civil War. Initially, it was thought that Memorial Day began as a southern celebration for the Confederate soldiers who fell during that time. The earliest traditions of Memorial Day had to do with putting a flower on the graves of the soldiers who had died in battle. The day was initially known as Decoration Day during those early days of remembering those who had lost their lives in the Civil War. In the year 1869, a general by the name of John Logan decided that flowers would be put on the graves of all the Union soldiers, as well as the Confederate soldiers, who were buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

It wasn’t until after World War I that Memorial Day expanded to include all Americans who had died in battle. The day that was chosen was May 30 to remember those who had fallen. The flower of choice were red poppies. Due to the poem “In Flanders Fields” written in 1915 by John McRae, red poppies were used as an association of the holiday because of the American and French groups who were inspired by the poem. Memorial Day was initially marked as a holiday by civic parades, patriotic observances, and ceremonies at cemeteries where veterans were buried. Many memorials and local parks will have wreaths placed on them, as well as other tributes to show the respect and remembrance of military services in the many wars that soldiers have fought to keep this country safe and free.

The Meaning Of Different Flowers On Memorial Day

There are many different flowers associated with Memorial Day to remember those who have been lost in battle. Due to the McRae poem in 1915, we associate red poppies with Memorial Day. However, what else do we associate with Memorial Day when it comes to flowers? How can you show your appreciation for the people who have battled hard to defend America?

  • Red Roses: Red roses have always meant passion. The color red represents extremes. Historically, red has been a sign of courage and sacrifice.
  • White Roses: This type of flower represents purity, unity, virtue, and a sense of new. Traditionally, white roses mean the same thing as red ones, but know it’s a symbol for innocence as well as sympathy and humility.
  • Pink Roses: This flower symbolizes admiration. Pink roses show sweetness, appreciation, and it’s a traditional way to say thank you. It’s also an expression for sympathy.
  • Chrysanthemums: The chrysanthemum is a general sign for hope in dark times. Each color of a chrysanthemum can represent a different meaning. For example, a Cosmos will mean order, peacefulness, and beauty, whereas a white will symbolize remembrance and integrity.
  • Forget-Me-Nots: These flowers are all about remembrance. The name forget-me-not originated from the Myosotis genus, which is for the unusual Greek name that means mouse’s ear, which is the shape of the petals. These flowers have a special meaning of remembrance and is the first symbol for respect.
  • Tulips: Regardless of their color, tulips mean gratitude. These gorgeous flowers are a symbol for unique friendship that is between the Canadians and the Dutch during World War II.

Celebrate Memorial Day by remembering those who have fought hard for this country with floral arrangements.