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Prepare For Boss’s Day & Schedule Flower Delivery

Prepare For Boss’s Day & Schedule Flower Delivery

Posted by George's Flowers of Roanoke on 25th Sep 2017

As adults, we spend a lot of our time working. Actually, it is estimated that we spend anywhere from 25 to 35 percent of our waking hours working in our lifetimes. Considering what a large percentage this is, you can probably agree that having a great boss can make all the difference. This is precisely the reason National Boss’s Day came to fruition in 1958. A Chicago State Farm Insurance employee, Patricia Bays Haroski, thought so much of her boss that she decided to petition the government to make October 16th (her father’s birthday) as a day to recognize and thank employers and supervisors who are truly going above and beyond in their positions. This petition was then made into an official holiday by Illinois governor, Otto Kerner, in 1962.

Having a good boss isn’t something that it takes a lot of time and effort to recognize. A boss who cares and deserves recognition is a boss who, in the simplest of explanations, cares about you, the employee, and about the company that you work for. If your supervisor is someone who tells you how grateful they are for all of your hard work, someone who trusts you, someone who wants to help you continue gaining knowledge and clout in your current work environment, then perhaps you will want to show some thanks this Boss’s Day. But how exactly should you do that? At George’s Flowers of Roanoke, we have a few ideas.


Not only are orchids a gift that are openly welcomed by all, but they make for a beautiful and sophisticated view in any office or home. Your boss will be thrilled with their orchid and like how it blends perfectly with the professional atmosphere in which they work. Green plants like orchids are also wonderful because they are known for lifting spirits and increasing productivity in an otherwise corporate-feeling space.


Consider how busy you are on a daily basis and then multiply that by two. This is likely how busy your boss is, meaning they probably don’t have a ton of time to tend to plants at the office. On the other hand, there is a loophole here and that loophole is a succulent. Succulents make for a wonderful gift because they are extremely low maintenance and unique. Your boss will love that you bought him or her a gift that is beautiful and doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to maintain.

Plant Basket

If, on the other hand, your boss has a green thumb and you know that caring for plants is something that makes them happy, a plant basket is a great idea for a gift on Boss’s Day. Perhaps take a collection from your entire team or department so that you can all go in on several plants for your fearless leader. They will surely love how well you know them and the thoughtfulness that comes along with a gift like this.

A Classic Bouquet

If you don’t want to buy a plant of sorts, a classic bouquet from George’s will also make a wonderful gift. The entire point of this holiday is to show your boss that you recognize all that they do for you and all those who work under them. Being the boss isn’t an easy feat, so knowing that their employees acknowledge the hard work that they are putting in will surely make their day, if not their entire week. Start shopping George’s Flowers today and put in an order for flower delivery to celebrate your boss properly on Boss’s Day this October!

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