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Don’t Show Up To Valentine’s Day Without A Floral Arrangement And These Essentials...

Don’t Show Up To Valentine’s Day Without A Floral Arrangement And These Essentials...

26th Jan 2018

Valentine’s Day is the token day of love. Whether you’re choosing to celebrate with your close friends, family members, or your significant other, there is always so much joy involved in this holiday. From the pink hearts and candy galore to the romantic candlelit dinners, what’s not to love about celebrating love?

This year has felt like it’s flown by already, and maybe it actually has. It feels like Christmas was just last week! But don’t let this be your excuse for not being prepared for Valentine’s Day. In fact, don’t let anything be an excuse to not make plans and/or show up empty-handed. That said, we understand that life gets busy and hectic, and holidays sneak up on us. That’s why we want to help you be prepared for February 14th as best as we can.

Perhaps this year you just didn’t have the time to schedule elaborate plans at a restaurant or even a weekend trip. But don’t let this keep you from treating your lady with the love she deserves. While you may feel on a time crunch, there is still time to put something meaningful together for the woman you love. Continue reading to find some inspiration, and to learn how to seamlessly plan a memorable Valentine’s Day on a time crunch. You’re not going to want to show up without these essentials...


It may seem intuitive, but it’s unfortunate how often writing a meaningful note is forgotten about. We can often get caught up in excitement of the other gifts, but when it comes down to it, you don’t want to forget about the card. In many scenarios, a handwritten note to the person you love is more meaningful than the rest of the Valentine’s Day treats and goodies. Take the time to pick out a beautiful card, or even make one if you’re crafty, and express your love and appreciation for the special woman in your life. The meaning and effort behind this gesture will be meaningful and memorable for years to come.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? Valentine’s Day is known for sharing chocolate and candy galore, so you definitely don’t want to show up without a box of her favorite chocolates. What’s so great about this option is that you can customize it to be whatever she wants. Does she like milk chocolate, or does she prefer dark? Perhaps she enjoys it all! Whatever her preference (or if she has none) chocolates are a great way to say, “I love you!” On the other hand, if you know she doesn’t like chocolate, find another little (or big!) box of her favorite candy or treats. Maybe she doesn’t like candy or chocolate at all! Get creative and find a basket of her favorite pastry or even a pint of her favorite ice cream. The point is to treat her to what she loves, and you definitely don’t want to show up empty handed.


As far as Valentine’s Day gifts go for your wife or girlfriend, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better than jewelry. Depending on what she likes, you may opt for a different gift, but jewelry is an excellent way to put a sparkle in her eye and around her wrist or neck. When it comes to jewelry shopping, you have a few options. You can either select something you are certain she will adore, or you can treat her to a day of jewelry shopping and let her select a piece she finds herself. However, if you’re on a time crunch and haven’t been able to prepare for Valentine’s Day, allowing her to pick a piece of jewelry out on you is an excellent and meaningful gift to give.

Bottle of Wine

What’s a Valentine’s Day dinner without a bottle of wine? February 14th is the day to not hold back when it comes to your wine. Treating your lady to a nice bottle of her favorite wine will add to the romance of the evening. If you’ve made dinner reservations at a restaurant, select a good wine for the both of you to try. Or if you’re choosing to stay in that night and cook a romantic dinner, be sure to pick up a bottle on the way home. You don’t want to forget this one.

Floral Arrangements

If there is one thing you don’t want to forget on Valentine’s Day is a floral arrangement. Flowers are a must! What is so great about flowers is that they can last for a week or two, so the joy, romance, and magic from Valentine’s Day itself can be preserved for the days to come. That said, this year we challenge you to step out of the box a little and opt for a different floral arrangement than just the standard red roses. Yes, red roses are romantic and are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but why not push the envelope and treat your wife or girlfriend to a unique floral arrangement?

Here at George’s Flowers, we know the importance of giving the gift of floral arrangements. Our flower delivery service has been curated to provide you with the perfect bouquet for your lady this Valentine’s Day. Our selection of Valentine’s Day floral arrangements is versatile, ranging from the traditional red rose bouquet to brighter options with orange and green flowers to red tulips. If you’re looking to stick with roses but want to expand from the color red, we have many options of brightly-colored rose floral arrangements. With George’s Flowers, it’s easy to send the perfect Valentine’s Day floral arrangements. Don’t wait any longer — select the perfect florals to your special lady now!