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George's Flowers of Roanoke Virginia has been in business since 1981. We believe in Shop Local, and support local Roanoke Valley businesses who keep and invest in their community. The Roanoker Magazine's 'The Best of Roanoke' Winner of Freshest Floral 2010

Celebrate Prom With A Beautiful Floral Arrangement

1st May 2018 elicits visions of beautiful gowns, dancing, and magical moments. As a teenage girl, you want to make sure that you have the perfect hair, shoes, and a date that will help to make your night memorable. While your parents are waiting downstairs with excitement to get a glimpse of you in your perfect outfit and take a thousand pictures, you and your friends giggle and prepare for a night that’s a once in a lifetime event. As you get ready with your friends, the outfit isn’t 100-percent perfect until you have your corsage and your date has his boutonniere. Prom is a right of passage as a teenager and it’s not complete until you have everything planned out and detailed, from the classic elements to the more modern components.

George’s Flowers has a variety of floral arrangements that are perfect to make the night complete. Our variety of corsages and boutonnieres are perfect for any type of gown and tuxedo color scheme. Additionally, if you want to make the night even more special, a bouquet of flowers will show your date that you want to make this night special for the both of you. For more information about our selection of floral arrangements, contact us.

A Brief History Of Corsages And Boutonnieres

The word corsage comes from the French term bouquet de corsage, which means a bouquet of the bodice. Initially, the area of a woman’s dress that was the bodice was called a corsage. The term boutonniere is French, as well, and is Boutonnière, meaning buttonhole, because it’s one flower that’s worn in a tuxedo. As far back as Ancient Greece, the corsage was pinned to a woman’s clothing and was worn as part of the outfit. The corsage started as a small array of fragrant flowers and herbs that were used to ward off evil spirits at weddings. As the 16th and 17th centuries came around, wearing corsages as well as boutonnieres were a part of the daily life to help prevent disease as well as keep away the aforementioned evil spirits.

Over time, these small floral arrangements became more special-occasion pieces. For instance, in the early 19th century, when a man wanted to court a woman, he would purchase a courting gift, which was a corsage, and then give it to her at the formal dance. Many gentlemen during that time would even bring the gift of flowers to the date’s parents house and they would select one of the flowers to present to his date. Once the flower was selected, it was put on her clothing, usually on her shoulder. Just 60 years ago in the 1950s, corsages were even made out of fruit and would be put on a hat for decoration. As fashion changed, the impracticality of fruit became apparent and wrist corsages became a much more efficient system.

What To Remember When Choosing A Corsages And Boutonnieres

When you’re picking out a corsage or a boutonniere, there are a few things that you need to remember. First, the male date is the one to buy the corsage and the female date is the one to buy the boutonniere. Both of these floral arrangements should match the outfit as well as the design.

Additionally, due to the variety of different styles, there are many corsages and boutonnieres to choose from. While it might be easier to go shopping together to pick out the mini floral arrangements, it’s more fun to surprise each other during prom. Remember to ask the color of the dress to ensure that it compliments the outfit. Instead of clashing with the outfit, you’ll want to enhance the look of it to make you pop with vibrancy as a couple. Keep in mind that coloring isn’t the only thing you need to consider, but also be mindful about how you’ll wear the corsage. As we explained previously, many people wear a corsage on the wrist because it’s more common, but you can pin it on the shoulder as well, which was done traditionally. What’s great about corsages and boutonnieres now is that you can get them in a more classic or a more traditional style.

At George’s Flowers, we have a wide range of corsages and boutonnieres. From the ruby metallic wrist corsage to the French Quarter one, you’ll find a wide selection of corsages as well as boutonnieres that not only will match a prom outfit perfectly, but will ad a pop of color and a fragrant smell that will stay with you all night long. If you’re getting ready for prom, then stop in to visit our Roanoke florist.