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5 Reasons To Have Flowers Delivered In November

5 Reasons To Have Flowers Delivered In November

Posted by George's Flower of Roanoke on 19th Oct 2017

As you know, we at George’s Flowers of Roanoke, think that every month is a great month for sending flowers. However, with some parts of the years requiring flower delivery more than others, we know that you flower lovers are curious what sorts of bouquets you can order during those months that don’t seem to have as much going on. November happens to be one of these months. While we certainly do have Thanksgiving to look forward to, there aren’t a lot of other obvious occasions when flowers should be sent during this month. Continue reading below to find out some of the best reasons to send flowers to someone special in November.

Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to show you care with a floral arrangement. Falling on Saturday, November 11th this year, you may want to consider showing your gratitude for someone you know who risked their life for your freedom. Showing appreciation to veterans is something that is great to do every day of the year, but this specific day is essentially a must. Try a patriotic bouquet like our America The Beautiful Arrangement which contains beautiful carnations, asiatic lilies, blue statice and an American flag. Don’t forget to also include a note that expressing how thankful you are for their service.

Remembrance Day (Canada)

If you are Canadian or you live in the Great White North, you are probably pretty familiar with Remembrance Day. Essentially, this holiday is a mirror image of Veteran’s Day in the United States, Remembrance Day is also on November 11th and is the day on which people remember all those who have fallen in the country’s armed conflicts. However, this day does not just honor those who lost their lives fighting, but also those who were civilian casualties as well. Historically, poppies were used to express remembrance on this day. Want to show your respects? Order a lovely bouquet to place on a fallen soldier’s grave.

Forget-Me-Not Day

This year on November 10th is the perfect opportunity to send flowers to someone who you haven’t spoken to or seen in awhile. Forget-Me-Not Day exists in order for you to reach out to friends and family who you may have been out of touch with for a while. Do you have a friend who lives across the country who you want to reach out to? Have you not spoken to your parents in a few weeks? Send them a beautiful bouquet like our Naturally Elegant Floral Arrangement to show how much they mean to you even though you may not talk or see one another all the time.

Thanksgiving Day

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the importance of buying flowers for this incredibly important family holiday. Whether you are planning on hosting the feast yourself this year, or you planning to visit friends or family, you’re going to need flowers. If you do happen to be the host this year, we would suggest investing a centerpiece for your dining room table. Something seasonally gorgeous like our Fall Harvest Cornucopia would be perfect! On the other hand, if you are spending the day at a relative’s home, don’t show up empty handed. Instead, gift a floral arrangement like the New Sunrise Bouquet to show your thanks.

November Birthdays

Lastly, don’t forget about your friends who have November birthdays! If you know someone who will be celebrating getting a year older this month, make sure to show them that you are thinking about them. The birthday boy or girl is sure to love a celebratory bouquet like our Martini Bouquet in Pumpkin Spice. Don’t let the excitement of Thanksgiving overshadow the importance of someone’s special day.

Ready to start shopping for November Flowers?

If you are feeling inspired now, it’s time to start shopping our large selection of floral arrangements. We not only have a lovely collection of fall bouquets and arrangements perfect for November, but we have every other type of floral design you can think of. Whether you want to show congratulations, wish someone a happy anniversary, good luck or send your sympathies we have you covered at George’s Flowers of Roanoke. Start shopping our online selection now and see what we can do for you and your loved ones this month.

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