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5 Reasons To Have Flowers Delivered In December

5 Reasons To Have Flowers Delivered In December

Posted by George's Flowers of Roanoke on 17th Nov 2017

There is a lot going on in December every single year. Between the holidays, deadlines at work and your normal weekly tasks, it can be difficult to make time for everyone you care about. Lucky for you, you can let people you know that you are thinking of them without having to be with them physically. If you want to make sure that your family and friends know that they mean so much to you this December, there are plenty of reasons to send beautiful floral arrangements from George’s Flowers in Roanoke. Find out what they are below.

December Birthdays

While you may not think of birthdays as the first reason for sending flowers in December, we certainly do. People who have birthdays in December can often feel that their special day is overshadowed by the holidays. Think about it, people like to go all out for their family member’s and friend’s birthdays, but between holiday parties, spending money on Christmas gifts, and the New Year, those who have December birthdays aren’t often at the forefront of people’s minds. In order to make those who you know with December birthdays feel special, we would suggest sending them a floral arrangement just to remind them that you want to celebrate them and only them.

Winter Solstice - December 21

Also known as “the longest night,” the Winter Solstice is the day on which winter days are the longest they will be all season. Even though cold weather can get us down from time to time, sending flowers to someone who has been in the dumps or generally just stressed can do a world of good. While this may not seem like a holiday that people normally celebrate with flowers, there is never a bad day of the year to put a smile on someone’s face.


Obviously, Christmas is the perfect holiday to send flowers to those you love. This is especially true of those family members and friends who you aren’t able to spend the day with because of distance or previous plans. Additionally, you may want to consider decorating your home with gorgeous floral arrangements if you are hosting a Christmas dinner or having people over to exchange gifts. Even something as simple as having a few poinsettias out on your front porch offers a vibrant holiday feel.


Kwanzaa, with its colorful ceremonies, is a great opportunity to send flowers. This is especially true because flowers are always a welcome addition to the seven-day celebration of African cultural and historical heritage. We would suggest that you have your local Roanoke florist create a vibrant centerpiece around your kinara. This is a wonderful way to show those who you love who celebrate this holiday that you honor their traditions and wish them well during the holiday season.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is such a symbolic holiday and it brings such hope. If you want to show someone that you wish them only good things in the year to come, a floral arrangement is the best way to do so. You may also want to consider buying flowers for the host or hostess of the New Year’s Eve party you are attending as a nice gesture.

Thinking of Placing a Flowery Delivery Order?

If your calendar is already filling up but you want to go above and beyond to show those important people in your life that you care, George’s can help. We have a large selection of Christmas flowers, birthday flowers, and more for you to choose from. Check out our flower collection today and place your delivery orders ahead of time today!

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